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welcome to frostylight radio , sit back and enjoy the music and have fun. I accept requests , i will play anything you like . thank you for tuning in warning!!! some songs may contain explicit words .but we are all adults here so lets enjoy and have some fun

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Title: FrostyLight
Description: This stream is online for testing purposes!
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hey guys and girls thank you for tuning in to frostylight , radio it will be my pleasure to play what ever you fell like listening to . I will play anything you desire , start requesting and we will have some fun . i love my country music so if you like it request it !!!!

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frostylight radio

welcome and enjoy lets have some fun and laughs i will gladly play what you feel like listening to i might even throw in a couple tunes that i like at times but will leave the selection up to you guys and girls so get to it and start requesting go for it

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